Adélie Linux 1.0-ALPHA2: Now available for x86, x86_64, PowerPC

It is our great honour to announce the availability of the 1.0-ALPHA2 release of Adélie Linux. The 32-bit PowerPC platform is now fully supported, and 64-bit PowerPC support is expected for ALPHA3.

This release updates SYSLINUX to 6.03, bringing UEFI compatibility to x86_64; updates Plasma to 5.8.5 and Qt to 5.7.1 on most platforms (x86_32 will be updated within the week); and adds ELILO and GRUB 2 as bootloaders on the x86 platforms. GRUB 2 is the only supported bootloader on PowerPC. Yaboot is not supported due to multiple known issues. This does, however, mean that booting with LVM, LUKS, and modern filesystems like ext4, XFS, and btrfs are available to the PowerPC platform. Additionally, this release adds iproute2 (the `ip` command), s6-dns (a fast, easy-to-use replacement for `dig`), and a multitude of supported filesystems to the installed system and the live CD!

You can download the 1.0-ALPHA2 release at your nearest Adélie Linux mirror. Happy hacking!

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