Weekly Status Report: 2019-03-24

Hello all!

In addition to packaging improvements, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new blog at adelie.blog! This blog is proudly run with the libre WordPress and should respect your privacy much better than our old blog.

Web site

Top 5 referring sites to the Web site:

  • 47: without-systemd.org
  • 44: Google searches
  • 32: Reddit
  • 16: Repology
  • 15: DuckDuckGo searches

Top 5 pages accessed (and homepage):

  • 900: /
  • 219: /about.html
  • 148: /announcements/
  • 43: /about-qa.html
  • 42: /announcements/1.0-BETA2.html
  • 33: /contribute.html

CD images

The device-mapper package (including the dmsetup command) and the lzop package have been added to the live environment and full installation media.


A. Wilcox (awilfox@) added a patch to fix an issue in Konsole that could cause display issues. They also ported GTKSpell to Enchant 2.

Luis Ressel (aranea) fixed chrony to use libedit, with help from Samuel Holland (smaeul). He also updated unbound to 1.9.1.

zlg bumped many Python 3 packages.

Laurent Bercot (skarnet@) added a package for the netqmail MTA.

Max Rees (sroracle@) updated PHP to 7.2.16.

Kiyoshi Aman (aerdan@) bumped many desktop packages, including Featherpad, GTK+ 3.0, ImageMagick, Qt5ct, and XFCE.

General discussion

A security issue in cURL was fixed. Boost was overhauled and updated to its latest version. digiKam was removed, as it no longer builds on the Adélie Linux system. An issue in APK Tools that caused the ‘list’ applet to malfunction in certain scenarios was fixed. Java 8, via OpenJDK, has been added. A long-standing bug in FreeType was fixed. The latest version of GDB is once again available on 64-bit ARM systems.

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