Weekly Status Report: 2019-07-07

Hello all!

It’s July, and Adélie Linux 1.0-BETA3 Update 1 is heating up. We have officially landed MariaDB on all five Tier 1 architectures! We have also welcomed a new committer, Alyx Wolcott (alyx@).

Web Site

Top 5 referring sites to the Web site:

  • 76: DistroWatch
  • 67: without-systemd.org
  • 60: Google
  • 39: This very blog
  • 30: Repology

Top 5 pages accessed (and homepage):

  • 1172: /
  • 313: /about.html
  • 135: /announcements/
  • 66: /about-qa.html
  • 52: /team.html
  • 39: /contribute.html


A. Wilcox (awilfox@):

  • Fixed packaging issues with the Ruby programming language.
  • Enabled more testing on the libssh2 package, ensuring continued reliability and security.
  • Fixed issues with DocBook packages.
  • Fixed an issue with LVM that prevented certain computers from booting.
  • Fixed multiple issues in GTK+ that prevented multilingual user interfaces from functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in coreutils that prevented boot on computers that store /usr on a separate partition.
  • Updated NSS to its current version.

Alyx Wolcott (alyx@):

  • Added packages for Rebar (an Erlang build system), three Perl modules, and the Ruby Bundler.

Dan Theisen (djt@):

  • Added packages for ccache, MariaDB, Netcat, and numactl.
  • Added a default configuration file for WPA Supplicant.

Kiyoshi Aman (aerdan@):

  • Fixed security issues in the IRSSI chat client
  • Fixed an issue with the Lua filesystem module.
  • Updated the VIM text editor and five Perl modules to their latest versions.
  • Fixed an issue with GRUB that prevented EFI boot from being installed correctly.

Luis Ressel (aranea@):

  • Updated WireGuard to its latest version.

Molly Miller (sysvinit@):

  • Added the iptables package.


zlg, known for working on Python packages and especially Certbot, has decided to take their leave of the Adélie project. We wish them the very best in their new endeavours.

We are happy to announce that Luis Ressel (aranea@) is sponsoring Alyx Wolcott (alyx) as a new committer! They are already a member of the Infrastructure Team, and their venture, Leuhta Labs, is presently donating the hardware that is running our GitLab server.

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