Weekly Status Report: 2019-12-29

Hello all!

This week, we focused on preparing our package recipes for the official Adélie Linux 1.0 release.


The libxcb library was fixed to work with modern versions of the Check test library, and this work was sent upstream to X.Org.

Xorgproto was updated, and various conflicts were fixed.

Mesa was updated to the 19.x release series, bringing many improvements, lower disk space requirements, and easier configuration.

Qt 5 was updated to the latest LTS branch, 5.12.6. This allows us to update KDE Frameworks to their latest release, 5.65.0. Plasma was updated to the latest LTS release, 5.12.9.

An update was sent to the kernel team for the 5.4 branch time64 code, which had a syntax error in ALSA discovered by awilfox@.

Samuel Holland (smaeul@) suggested a fix for kio-extras that allows NFS support to be added to KDE.

Various other software was updated to latest stable versions, including Meson, GLib, libxkbcommon, Boost, GnuPG, GnuTLS, Poppler, libwacom, and GraphViz.

Many, many package recipes were tweaked and fixed to ensure stability, reliability, and reproduceability.

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