Weekly Status Report: 2020-01-26

Hello all!

This week has been focused on fixes for 32-bit computers. Additionally, Telegram has been packaged for the x86 and ARM architectures. It is not yet available for PowerPC.


KDE Applications has been updated to 19.12.1, and KDE Frameworks has been updated to 5.66.0. Mesa has been updated to 19.3.2.

An issue with SDL 2 using OpenGL ES on 32-bit systems has been fixed.

A. Wilcox (awilfox@) ensured compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1 for multiple packages. They also updated NFS to support 32-bit systems, and fixed an issue with the MLT framework on PowerPC. They added a new package for dos2unix, and the Qt 5 Virtual Keyboard, allowing touchscreen users to have a pop-up keyboard.

Kiyoshi Aman (aerdan@) updated Gleam to 0.6.0 for 32-bit support, and updated other packages to their latest stable versions.

Luis Ressel (aranea@) updated WireGuard to its latest stable version.


mdadm, Qemu, Video4Linux, X11VNC, and xf86-input-synaptics have been fixed.

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