Happy 918 Day!

Adélie Software has a long and rich history in the Tulsa community, and today is our community’s annual 918 Day celebration!

The Adélie Linux project was started here just about five years ago, when A. Wilcox and Elizabeth Myers were discussing different Linux distributions. They decided to start a few projects aimed at improving the Linux ecosystem on the whole, and what became Adélie was born.

Tulsa has been a wonderful place to run a technology startup. We love holding meetings at Kilkenny’s (and can’t wait to go back after the pandemic!), and relaxing after a long day of programming by taking a walk through LaFortune Park.

However, the true hidden gems – what we would like to highlight this 918 Day – are our local technology shops. We are so lucky to be surrounded by places we can go to buy any sort of hardware we need. Wholesale Computer Supply, OARSpc, RK Computers, Same Day Computer, MegaWatts, Experimac, DISC Surplus… these are just a few of the many names that we are proud to be regular patrons of. Their resilience through the rough times of 2020 is inspiring. They continue to provide Tulsa with the technology we need to live, work, and play digitally and safely.

On behalf of our entire team in Tulsa, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for our friends and neighbours that make this community so great. Thank you, Tulsa!

ARMv7 Rides Again

After nearly 9 months of being suspended due to various packaging issues, the ARMv7 builder is building again! The entire system/ repository has been fully built to the latest available versions in packages.git. Work on the user/ repository will continue through this week.

The system repository is already live on mirrormaster and should reach all of our mirrors within an hour. Root tarballs will be released with Release Candidate 2, alongside the Tier 1 architectures.

Looking Towards the Future

Hello all,

You may have noticed that there have not been weekly status reports or blog articles since late March 2020. A lot of notable things have happened in the Adélie Linux project, and other related projects, since then. However, I feel it is important to start with a more personal introspection.

As Project Lead of Adélie Linux, and co-owner of Adélie Software in the Public Benefit, my attention is regularly pulled in many different directions. In April 2020, my mother — the other co-owner of Adélie Software in the Public Benefit — suffered a health malady. Her health is improving now, but combining my existing workload with caring for her caused me to suffer a diabetic emergency. All of this caused financial strain, both regarding the business (from the inability of us to perform work) and personally (for healthcare costs). These issues are also beginning to calm down. These experiences have led me to a few realisations about our community and how to better lead it.

This starts with the Weekly Status Reports. I started writing the Weekly Status Reports to keep interested parties involved with the project even if they could not participate in our IRC or mailing lists. However, the rigidity of posting them weekly has always been a source of contention for me. There are some weeks where nothing much of note happens, and there are other weeks when it seems more appropriate to have had two or three posts because so much happened. Additionally, the Weekly Status Reports were always authored solely by me. My time for writing them is virtually non-existent, and writing them – especially in such detail – takes time away from actually working on the project. In addition, moving forward I would like all members of our team to be able to write about the changes they are responsible for.

It is with this in mind that I am formally announcing the retirement of Weekly Status Reports.

A new initiative, Adélie.Dev, will be launched in the coming days. The Weekly Status Reports provided information about what had already been done; it is my hope that Adélie.Dev will not only provide this to the community, but also provide information about what is still being worked on. This way, newcomers to our community can see tasks being actively developed and join in if they are able. It can also provide cohesion and prevent duplicated effort.

This blog will shift to being more article-driven, providing news and updates from the community in a more traditional blog format. It will also continue to serve as the official Web location for release announcements.

I look forward to watching this community continue to grow into something we can all be proud to be a part of.

In solidarity,