Adélie Linux 1.0-RC2 Released

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (2 October 2020) – The Adélie Linux Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Adélie Linux 1.0-RC2 for all supported platforms. Learn more about Adélie Linux on our newly redesigned Web site, or see our new download page.

Please note: This is a test release of Adélie Linux. While every care has been taken to ensure the stability of the system, features and packages may be missing or may not function correctly. You should always back up your computer’s data before you install a new Linux distribution. This release is being actively tested on multiple platforms. It is highly recommended that you use a dedicated computer or virtual machine to learn the environment until you are comfortable with using the Adélie Linux system and its package manager (apk).

Tier 1 platforms supported for this release: 32-bit PowerPC, 64-bit PowerPC, 32-bit Intel x86, 64-bit Intel x86, 64-bit ARM (AArch64).

Tier 2 platforms supported for this release: ARMv7.

We are happy to announce that this release of Adélie Linux is the first release of any musl Linux distribution to offer a graphical installation program, originally codenamed Project: Horizon. The System Installation software provides an easy way to install Adélie Linux to your computer. It has been rigorously tested, but some issues may still exist. You should always back up your data before you install an operating environment, including Adélie Linux.

We are also happy to announce that this release of Adélie Linux is our first release to have root filesystem archives for the ARMv7 architecture.

If you want to show your support for the work Adélie Linux is performing to provide high-quality libre software to everyone, and you have the ability, please consider a financial contribution to our project. Thank you!

Release Notes

  • Our install media now boots to our new System Installation program, also known as Project Horizon.
  • Live media is now available that allows you to try graphical Adélie Linux environments before installation.
  • ConsoleKit2 has been replaced with elogind for better integration with desktop environments.
  • Many security issues have been fixed.
  • Easy Kernel has been updated to 5.4.66, and ARMv7 is now supported as a Tier 2 platform.
  • KDE components have been updated to latest stable branches: Plasma LTS 5.18, Frameworks 5.74, and Applications 20.08.1.
  • MATE has been updated to 1.24.
  • Mesa has been updated to the 19.3 branch, and now provides Vulkan functionality on supported hardware.
  • Plasma is now more fully packaged, including Bluetooth and network integration, Plasma Vault, and Thunderbolt support.
  • Qt has been updated to 5.12.9.
  • …and over a thousand other updates, fixes, and new features and software.


Adélie Packages

There were 1,340 commits to packages.git between 1.0-RC1 and 1.0-RC2, by thirteen developers:

  • A. Wilcox (774)
  • Kiyoshi Aman (318)
  • Max Rees (166)
  • Lee Starnes (17)
  • Dan Theisen (16)
  • Laurent Bercot (15)
  • Molly Miller (9)
  • CyberLeo (8)
  • Samuel Holland (6)
  • Mira Ressel (5)
  • Alyx Wolcott (3)
  • Randy McCaskill (2)
  • Jonas Vautherin (1)