Adélie Linux 1.0-ALPHA1: We still exist!

Over the past few months, some inquiries have been made as to whether Adélie is still being actively developed. A quick perusal will show Git being very active, but Git isn’t a release. The short answer is that yes, Adélie is still extant and we are very excited for the progress that has been made.

Most of our blockers for the 1.0-ALPHA1 release have been solved. What remains is the last bit of on-hardware and virtualisation testing. A few version bumps have also occurred, including KDE Plasma 5.8. We have already changed our upstream to the more fast-moving Galapagos Linux, which is a fork of Gentoo Linux.

We have also successfully tested wireless networking as working fully on supported chipsets on the Linux 4.4 kernel. I have personally done testing on some more “extravagant” setups, including a Pentium III with an ath9k-based 802.11n card (pictured), and all have been quite performant and worked without any issues.

Keep an eye on this space. ISOs for i686-class machines and x86_64 should be released this weekend, and with any luck, PowerPC builds may also be available in the very near future.

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