Weekly Status Report: 2019-10-06

Hello all!

Project Horizon’s implementation has officially been started! We’ve also had some more exciting movement in our packaging, including fast-improving support for ARMv7.


The specifications for Project Horizon were finalised and the implementation has started. It is still early going, but progress is moving rapidly; additionally, a test suite has already been started to ensure correctness.


A. Wilcox (awilfox@) added the stdman package, providing manual pages for the C++ standard library. They also fixed an issue with SDDM, updated Phonon, updated KDE to 19.08.1, updated Erlang to OTP 22, and updated GRUB to 2.04, among many other updates. They also worked with sroracle@, smaeul@, and others to fix building most of the System repository on 32-bit ARMv7 systems.

Dan Theisen (djt@) added dynamic MPM module support to Apache, and updated various packages including MariaDB, Protobuf, and RSpec. He also fixed an issue in GNU Screen.

Kiyoshi Aman (aerdan@) updated various Perl modules and other software. He also added the cloc package.

Laurent Bercot (skarnet@) has updated the Skaware suite, including S6, utmps, and execline. He also added packaging for s6-portable-utils and mdevd. He additionaly made the early getty in s6-linux-init configurable, allowing easier debugging of early boot issues by advanced users and administrators.

Luis Ressel (aranea@) added insult support to sudo.

Max Rees (sroracle@) fixed an issue with the Evince document viewer.

Samuel Holland (smaeul@) added sntpd, which allows syncing clocks over a network, and updated cbindgen.

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